All amounts on the site are in USD

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

Investment Information

All amounts on the site are in USD

Cash Investment: $70,000

Total Investment: $250,000-$275,000

Minimum Net Worth: $200,000

Franchise Fee: $65,000 one zone

Royalty: 7%

Ad: 2%

Item: Yes

Average Number of Employees: 6-10

Visa Candidates: Yes

Passive Ownership: No

Home Based: No

B2B: Yes

Master Franchise Opportunities: No


2020 revenue year over year


Features of business:

  • Low Cost Investment – $200K “all in”
  • 2 businesses for one franchise fee (Moving and Junk Removal)
  • Multiple revenue streams (Moving, Move Labor, Junk Removal)
  • 6-8 part time Employees to start with
  • B2B and B2C component
  • Eco-friendly and green business
  • Strong brand name with national recognition
  • Small industrial type office space


Recent Awards

  • Franchise Grade: A Rated Franchise
  • Franchise Chatter: Top Rated Franchise
  • Franchise Business Review: 2020 Top Franchise Culture
  • Entrepreneur Magazine: 2020 Top Low Cost Franchise
  • Entrepreneur Magazine: 2020 Top Franchise For Veterans
  • Entrepreneur Magazine: 2020 Top Growth Franchise -most explosive growth over the past 3years
  • Inc. 5000: Fastest-Growing Logistics & Transportation Companies In America


Function of the franchise owner / daily tasks

1. Building a management structure to organize hauling and moving teams each day

2. Sales and Business Development to be build a Residential and Commercial Business

3. Reviewing key metrics, building a strong team culture, building local partnerships and relationships that add value to the business and ensure overall success

4. Managing a fleet of trucks

5. Managing a marketing budget

6. Networking and building relationships with other local business owners, real estate agents, municipal government officials, property managers, and charity organizations. These relationships not only help secure more job bookings for your franchise going forward, they also give your community a favorable view of you, your employees, and the College Hunks brand name.


You may choose to hire a GM to handle a large portion of the day-to-day operations, but many owners stay hands-on managing teams and building the business with our assistance.


The big, orange trucks are essential marketing tools, and the teams on the trucks will perform various sales and marketing tactics throughout the day.


2020 Highlights

  • Net Promoter Score increased to 86 (up to 79)
  • SLC (Call Center) booked 313,000 jobs for franchise owners in 2020 (up from 278K in 2019)
  • SLC overall Booking % went up from 68.2% in 2019 to 75.4% in 2020
  • SLC generated $4.8M additional revenue in 2020 from Open Leads (individuals that didn’t book on the first call to us, that we reached back out to)
  • 2020 Systemwide revenue grew 17% YoY(despite Move being stuck in place at the beginning of COVID)
  • Franchisee Net Income as a percent of Revenue increased 39% YoY
  • Despite millions of Americans being out of work, our average job size increased YoY
  • Franchisee Average Acquisition Cost per Job decreased 12% YoY
  • We added a record number of new franchise owners in 2020 with 40 new franchisees joining the College Hunks franchise family!
  • College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving is data driven but we’re very socially conscious. Probably our proudest achievement this past year was helping over 100 individuals leave their abusers when we began offering free moves for victims of domestic violence.


Is there an Earnings claim?

Yes, we are proud of our incredible Item 19!

  • Top 25% of franchisees averaged $2,482,687 Gross Revenue in 2019 with EBITA of 19% – $474,144
  • The average franchisee gross revenue in 2019 was $1,257,610 with EBITA of 18% – $221,555


Territorial protection

Yes, we provide exclusive zones for our franchisees.


Description of territory

Each territory is exclusive, with a 300-400K population range per standard zone. Small markets are available in zones with less than 300K in population.


Desired background of future College Hunk franchise owners:

1. Leaders who can teach their team members how to become leaders in their own right. A candidate’s attitude and personality should be enthusiastic, optimistic and filled with passion. Building leaders is a core value.

2. As far as experience, we’re looking primarily for candidates with backgrounds in sales, business development/ownership, marketing but will also consider candidates that are people oriented, good listeners, follows process, “can do” positive attitude and detail oriented. Leadership isn’t gender-based and female franchise owners do great!

3.Work hard and have fun Any combination of these traits or experiences, along with the capital to invest in a franchise, would make a prime candidate to own a College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving franchise. Having fun is one of our core values! After all, we are a collegiate-themed company with a sense of humor. Furthermore, most of a franchisee’s employees are youthful, college-aged workers who naturally have a zest for life. While helping to develop them into future leaders, they can, in turn, help you to stay positive, energetic and youthful throughout your workday. In this regard, it is a mutually beneficial relationship between owner and employee.


Competitive advantage of the service:

  • A Net Promoter Score (NPS) higher than brands like Amazon, Apple, Costco, Nordstrom South West Airlines
  • 150,000 5-Star Google Reviews
  • $30,000,000 in national media exposure
  • The #1 Call Center in the United States employing 150 agents (in-house) that booked 313,000 jobs for less than 130 open locations in 2020
  • Social Equity in the communities we serve – providing 2 nutritious meals for every job we do to a charity called “Feeding Children Everywhere” and partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill among others
  • Social Justice– moving victims of domestic violence for free!
  • Branding. We are the “Purple Cow” of franchising. Very few brands have customers taking selfies with trucks and posting it on Facebook or posting Tik Tok videos with our team members.

For more information contact:



Phone: 647 559 3865



+1 (647) 559-3865


+1 (647) 559-3865