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Kix Mobile

Highly visible franchises are successful because they offer a mass-market product and have simple menu and store operations. The Kix Mobile franchise gives you the same competitive advantage.

Why Should you Join Us?

  1. You do not need technical experience!
  2. You do not need phone or tablet repair training.
  3. Your store has reasonable and manageable inventory requirements.
  4. Your store has a small footprint (square footage).
  5. You have flexible store options as a cart/kiosk, store-in-a-store, or storefront.
  6. Your store requires few employees – usually only 1-2, plus the owner.
  7. You can depend on an Olympic class management team.
  8. You have simple store operations.
  9. You own a business in a hyper-growth sector.
  10. You can still save BIG money by joining our system in the early stages of our growth.

Let's Talk About Starting a Kix Mobile Franchise