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DIPSIDOO is creating a robust brand and genuine reputation that provides an exceptional competitive edge.

DIPSIDOO’S mission is to create a space that is more than just a dessert cafe, but rather a place that embraces positive living. DIPSIDOO is the place where people can be themselves, simply it’s a getaway from all life stresses. DIPSIDOO is the ultimate place where people gather to share a joyful experience with their beloved ones.

The DIPSIDOO name was born as a reflection of the famous sporty maneuvers that bring both excitement, entertainment, joy & surprise. The name reflects how our products that consist of the finest ingredients that can provide the sense of surprise and joy just like a hockey or basketball “Dipsidoo” can bring. DIPSIDOO’s rich and tasty CLOUD CONES, Super Milkshakes and specialty cones provides an exceptional experience that is even better when accompanied with our churros, waffles & crepes that adds for a unique signature treat.

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