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4 Tips for Increasing Sales at Your Franchise Location

Congratulations – you’re a new Franchise owner!  Once your business is up and running, follow these four tips to increase sales and garner financial success for your family.

Take the time to acknowledge your customers with a hello and a thank-you. As your customers come and go, ensure you greet them warmly with a hello and a thank-you.  Making a customer feel welcome will brighten their day and encourage them to visit again.  Become part of the community with a friendly greeting that will invite customers to return and do business in your inviting environment.

Be knowledgeable and passionate about your products and services.  When customers come to see you, they will have questions about the benefits of your products and services. If you are in the food services industry, the ingredients and variety of foods being offered will be important to communicate to your customer base.  Being passionate about what you are selling will grow your customer base as your enthusiasm will be contagious.  Your customers will want to be part of the excitement.

Add promotions when possible to show appreciation.  All customers want to be appreciated. The marketplace offers a plethora of options to choose from, therefore, customers want to know they are interacting with a business that appreciates their hard-earned dollars.  Offering your customers incentives, promotions and loyalty programs will ensure they remain interested and feel welcome.  The more familiar and invested you are in your customers, the more they will be invested in you.  Your positive reputation will lead to increased sales. 

Listen to your customers and react accordingly.  Know your customers and listen to what it is that will give them a better experience.  When you listen and provide what it is that your clients are looking for, you will increase sales by increasing your offering to match their needs.  Once your customers feel appreciated in this way, they will be clients for life.    

Your franchise provides the basis to succeed and be an active member of your community. Franchise 360 can help you identify the right Franchise opportunity for you and walk you through the steps to becoming a Franchisee. Contact us today to take your first step forward a whole new life.    

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