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5 Keys to a Successfully Franchise

As your business grows, consider franchising your brand to meet the growing demand. As a business owner, you want to engage with experts, such as the team at Franchise 360, to help you successfully and strategically franchise your business. Understanding these five key areas will allow you to expand into new locations and markets.


Before you can franchise your business, you need to clearly define your best practices, key objectives and marketing strategy. The franchisee will be stepping into your business model, therefore, the insight and best practices you outline will facilitate a smooth transition and consistency in your product or service offering.


As you expand a known and loved brand, maintain consistency in quality to deliver the experience the customer has come to expect.  Your brand experience includes the look and feel of your store, the level of service, the experience of interacting with your service or product itself.  Essentially, your brand is representative of how you are perceived and you want that perception to remain consistent, across all locations, to encourage customer loyalty.


Engage with a professional partner, like Franchise 360, to help you define neighbourhoods, cities or provinces that would benefit from your service or product.  Take a thorough dive into complex market research to ensure you are expanding into areas where demand exists and, if possible, there is little competition.


Legal advice is worth every penny.  Before sharing any business intel review all of your contracts and NDA agreements with a qualified legal professional.  Taking the time to review all of your documents will ensure you maintain control of your brand and your company at all times.


Most likely, as you engage in the franchise process, it will be your first time going through the complicated steps.  You have worked extremely hard to build up your successful business, now that you are ready to take the next step, don’t jeopardize years of hard work with a misstep.  Hiring a franchise expert, like the team at Franchise 360, will ensure you have the expertise you need to grow with confidence.

The experts at Franchise 360 work with successful business owners in the GTA.  Contact Franchise 360 today to discover if it is the right time to franchise your business – we look forward to speaking with you!




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