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BENEFITS of Franchising your business in 2019.

You made your dream happen!  You are running a successful business built from the ground up, so what’s next?  This may be the perfect time for you to become a Franchisor.

Have you considered sharing your business plan, expanding your presence and distributing more of your products and services? 

Offering your business to Franchisees allows you to grow strategically with a dedicated group of partners rather than doing everything yourself.  As your brand grows, you have the opportunity to reach more customers and offer you products or services in many more locations.


Expand your footprint by allowing business owners to open locations in different cities, provinces and even countries.  Your brand and products/services will be recognized and used by new customers in new places.  You will be able to reach a larger client base and gain more fans of your product/services in doing so.


As you expand with new locations, you will have the opportunity to incorporate additional products or services to your list of offerings.  With new customers, you will have the chance to collect additional feedback on what improvements or additions would service new customers or clients.



As the Franchisor, you provide a proven business model for your business or service.  This gives your Franchisee a (huge!) leg up from day 1.  As well, as you are expanding a recognizable brand, the demand has already been created.  Customers and clients know and trust the brand – this is an incredible advantage for any new business.


You have developed a business model that is profitable.  This is great news!  Lenders are more apt to provide the necessary funding to proven business models.   If expansion plans are reasonable and supported by current balance sheets, lenders will come on board more readily.  Franchising is a responsible and competitive way to expand successfully.

The experts at Franchise 360 will walk you through the process of becoming a Franchisor.  Watching your business grow is a satisfying experience for any business owner. Franchise 360 works with businesses in the Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton and surrounding GTA to provide solutions to your long term goals.

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